How to Find the Best CPA Tax Accountant near Me

If you are thinking about preparing your own tax return and confuse how to find a reliable certified public accountant- CPA Tax Accountant Near Me, you are not alone in this situation. According to a report of the IRS, around 58% of the over 138 million taxes returns e-filed via November 2019 (for the tax year of 2018), were prepared by a professional.

Finding the right ‘CPA Tax Attorney near Me’ is a task of patience and often frustrating because the right guy can help you deciphering the IRS forms and rules off your shoulders. But, hiring a wrong guy can be more harmful.

The Research- A Simple Step By Step Guide

Here, we are mentioning an easy step by step guide that will help you to find the ‘CPA Tax Accountant Near Me’.

Why Should You Pay Attention While Choosing A CPA

Every year, the IRS released a list of tax scams known as “Dirty Dozen”. The list includes a large section of potential rip-offs, many frauds did by shady tax preparers such as falsely claiming credits and deductions, promising refunds, or encouraging taxpayers to avoid their tax payment.

Unfortunately, anyone easily become a professional tax preparer. The main reason is the lack of proper guidance about the training, certification and competency testing.

So, the confusion starts from here, how can choose the best ‘CPA Tax Accountant Near Me’, when there are lots of frauds. Let us give you three simple steps to search for a qualified ‘CPA Tax Attorney Near Me’.

Step 1; Make a List of Good CPA Tax Accountant near You

Like how you find most of the good sources of services, an excellent method of finding a CPA is to ask for a referral. But don’t just decide the first name you get as your potential CPA, make a list of at least three potential accountants. See how:

Ask for a referral from the people you know

Check with friends, family, co-workers, financial adviser, banker, or business associates and ask about their experience with the CPA they are refereeing to.

Check the IRS directory

There is nothing better than cross-checking the qualification of the potential CPA through an official source. IRS provides a unique preparer tax identification number (PTIN) for every professional tax preparer. Anyone can get a PTIN for free and only this number is not sufficient to indicate the experience or skill of the Tax Attorney. However, the IRS directory manages a list of current PTIN holders including the name of enrolled agents, attorneys, and CPAs- who are currently eligible for the role. Cross-checking the name of the refereed professional in the IRS directory can help you find the best ‘CPA Tax Attorney Near Me’.

Search the State or National Associates

Many state CPA societies and the state board of accounting provide an online or offline list of professional taxpayers in your area (Not every CPA, so make sure to call or research a little bit more to find the best ‘CPA Tax Accountant Near Me’. Another reliable source is the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) which maintains a list of EAs ( EA are federally licensed tax practitioners).

Step 2: Cut Down Your Options For The Best CPA Tax Accountant Near Me

Once your list of best CPA Tax Accountant Near Me is ready, it’s time to narrow down your opinions. Here’s how:

Verify the credentials

If you find the name of the CPA from a CPA society, the IRS or the state board of accountancy, the credentials of that CPA are most likely original. But if you get a name from the referral, it’s a better idea to search their credentials before jumping on a conclusion. Forty-seven out of fifty maintain an online resource or information about certified CPAs and public accounting firms. Go through these online sources to cross-check the authenticity.

Make an appointment

Before selecting the best CPA Tax Attorney Near Me, make sure to meet the CPA in person as soon as possible. Please remember if you delayed the meeting till the last date, you will face the problem of finding a CPA who has time for you.

Step 3: Interview A Potential CPA Before Jumping On The Conclusion

When you meet the potential ‘Best CPA Tax Accountant near Me’, carry a copy of your recent tax return file. Reviewing your latest tax return file is a great way for the tax professionals to evaluate your condition and provide you an estimate of how much CPA might charge.

  • Here some main questions that you might ask during the meeting:
  • How many years of experience you have in preparing taxes?
  • What is your specialty?
  • How much you charge for your services?
  • Who will prepare my tax return?

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